Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trendy Hangers

Whatever you do...DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Thus far...this has been the longest, most drug out, frustrating, complicated, needing the most assistance, but CUTEST project to date...I think :)

The reason this was the never-ending project, was because I completely misjudged what would go into it...I thought once we drilled the holes in the board, we stick the knobs in there and move on...WRONG!

You have to paint the board, drill the holes (small one in the front and bigger one in the back so the nut will screw on the back of the knob, put in the knobs, screw the nut thing on the end with tweezers so it will fit inside the back of the board, cut the ends off the knobs, file the ends down so they aren't sharp, put hangers on the back (that's still to come) and hang on the wall! Whew...I'm tired just typing all that.

In order to accomplish this task, you will need the following...

  • board
  • glaze
  • paint brush
  • heavy duty cutter
  • power drill
  • cute knobs...(whatever style you want)
  • hunk of a husband
  • lots of skill and patience :)

After you glaze the board to your liking (go here to see the technique on a previous project), your hunky hubby to drill the holes in the board and cut the ends off all the knobs.

This picture makes it look easy..but don't be deceived. You will have to use two hands, bare down and put ya back into it...FOR REAL YALL! (hints why Justin got this job...hehe)

Next step..try to get the little hangers on the back. This was my shining moment...Justin got the hangers on one of the boards but kept hitting his fingers with the hammer b/c the nails are so small.

I tried the next day but had the same I had the brilliant idea to use needle-nose plyers to hold the nail and hammer it that way...worked like a charm...and he already thinks I'm the most brilliant woman in the world...but... I totally impressed my hubby, which is always a plus :)

Finished project...minus, hanging them on the wall, looks like this...

Now...for all you home schooling moms out there...use this as one of your math projects and you will blow your kids minds! (or at least it blew mine) It will definitely incorporate some great math, problem solving skills and practical application.

You need a level, pencil, ruler and hammer...I could have stopped at level and most of you would have walked out of the room already.

You can use your imagination on how I finally got these things on the wall, golly...I DID IT with only one extra hole in the wall than needed and probably a much longer prep time than should be allowed for a project like this :)

Below is the one I used for a necklace hanger...

...and the scarf hanger

So this officially only took about 4 MONTHS. I know...I know...completely unacceptable. Most of you know, when I have a project...I'm going to get it done quickly. BUT... unfortunately, this project required much more assistance from my significantly less motivated to finish this project very talented husband. So I was at his mercy...but thankfully I can make this post now and show off my latest and most successful project.

I'm very pleased with the outcome, but my new criteria for a project is to make sure I can start and FINISH it on my own (or with minimal assistance).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

On the Move

Somebody is on the move at the Poland house. We have done a lot of baby-proofing already...but there was still one project I have yet to tackle UNTIL...this weekend.

We have a double sided fireplace...Briggs has decided it's fun to climb up on the hearth and see what's inside...which happens to be filled with little rocks and logs...can we say CHOKING HAZARD!

So...this weekend...mommy fixed that problem....

I went to Lowe's and got a sheet of plywood. I've mentioned before...if you buy wood from there..they cut it for free, you just have to tell them the dimensions. So here are the helpful Lowe's workers who cut the boards for me and even helped me out to the car with them.

The supplies I used...
  • plywood boards (pre-cut from Lowe's)
  • batting
  • dryer sheets
  • staple gun
  • extra staples
  • dryer sheets
  • burlap

If you have ever used know, it has a distinct smell. I thought it might help to use dryer sheets and make it smell I taped dryer sheets to the plywood.

I would have put the dryer sheets directly under the burlap, but you can see through burlap and I didn't want them to show from underneath.

I stapled the batting to the plywood first and then I put on the burlap. order to keep from getting wrinkles in the fabric...I stapled opposite sides first...pulling them tight, then I moved to the other sides.

Here is what the finished product looks like from the back...

And remember we have a double sided fireplace, so I did two of these boards. That's why I didn't worry too much about covering the entire back of the board...just needed it to look good from the front.

And here is that little rascal sitting in front of the finished product.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun with Friends

I feel very blessed to have such sweet friends. I work with these two lovely ladies Jennifer (left) and Amy (right). We came up with an idea about 9 months ago...we felt like since we love each other so much, we need to get our families together and hang out on a quarterly basis.

So every three months we pick a date that works for everybody and get together to hang out and eat...of course. Since it's been so cold we have been indoors mostly, but the first meeting we had, it was still summertime...we busted out the baby pool and let the kiddos play in the water while the guys cooked hamburgers on the grill and the girls chatted it times

Here are a few pics to capture the memories...

This is everybody eating and having a good time. We joke...thank goodness our husbands have learned to love each other too. They have all been good sports about participating in our quarterly get togethers and I do think it's fair to say everybody has genuinely been having a good time.

This is actually our third time to get together. I was a bad girl and didn't take pics of the other two times...but we decided we were going to start at least taking pics of the kids so we could see how much they change...since we will be doing this for a long time :)

Brayden is Amy's little stud on the left, then Briggs (who is the baby), and Jennifer's two little beauties are Bella and Olivia.

Jennifer and I were both pregnant at the same with Briggs and Olivia. It was fun to have a pregnant friend who I saw every day at work. She was about a month ahead of me so she was a good source of knowledge and would help prep me for what was to come.

Amy was probably officially my first friend in Birmingham. When we moved here 5 years ago, she was my supervisor when I started with this job. Since then, we have ended up working at the same facility...roles changed and I eventually became her supervisor. We have been through many life events together...her meeting and marrying her best friend, getting to add sweet little Brayden to their family, Jason's (her husband) deployment to Afghanistan for almost a whole year and much more...Now we are just coworkers and good friends who love our babies and our patients.

I have a special connection with both these ladies and am very thankful for both of their friendships.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saying "No"

Thought I would share this video. I've watched it at least 30 times a few times...and I laugh so hard EVERY. SINGLE. TIME...enjoy :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tulip Update

Back in October I had made a post (click here to see the first post) about planting tulip bulbs and was a little leery if they would turn out. Just wanted to update what they look like now...

I'm so excited they are blooming! I think it's actually early for them to bloom but since the weather is so warm...

I went ahead and snapped a shot of them, since the weather keeps changing...I wasn't sure what those cold nights might do to them. There are still a lot more bulbs to open up...I can't wait to see how they all look together!

And then of course...had to put a picture of my little buddy in front of them :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

As we all is Valentine's Day. Just wanted to share a pics and ideas from our house.

Briggs attends Mother's Day Out two mornings a week and today they had a Valentine's Day Party (yes...I know...for an 8 month old!). One thing I like about his matter how old or young you are, they want you to be included in all the fun.

Here is a picture of Briggs with all his valentines from his friends...I think that face is so cute...he kind of looks like he is getting into something he shouldn't :)

I had been wanting to make some valentines for the grandparents and great-grandparents. We had to do two rounds of cards. I didn't have the right color of paint for the first round. I was wanting the traditional red and pink, but all I had was was purple and yellow...GEAUX TIGERS! So we just went with it...made a few purple and gold valentines while we had some help and then later Briggs and mommy made some red and pink ones together.

One day when "Aunt" Celeste came to visit, she helped us with the first round of cards. I can say from this little was much easier with a helper. Either way, it was a fun idea that I got from another blog that I follow.

Here is Briggs with all his finished Valentines...he was so excited, he was can probably almost hear him through this picture :)

And here is our finished product. This was the one we made for Daddy and slipped in his car last night so he was surprised when he left for work today.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Tis the season for cleaning out around the Poland house.

Got an old laptop that is ancient and barely works?...I never knew what to do with these things until my grandpa informed me...

Just drop it off at Best Buy. All I had to do was go to customer service and sign a piece of paper saying I was dropping it off to recycle the parts...and they take care of the rest...

And I'm a firm believer in cleaning out the house and closets at least twice a year. When I go through our closets..if we haven't worn it in a year...OUT OF HERE...

I know a lot of people would say have a yard sale...we have done's just so much trouble and you might make $100 after sitting outside for 5 hours. Then I can barely handle people haggling you for a $.10 item...trying to talk you down to $.5....JUST GIVE ME THE DIME ALREADY...IT'S A DIME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Anyway...we just call King's Home. All you do is sit your stuff out, labeled KH, they pick it up and you get a donation receipt to use on your for everybody.

Just wanted to get the word out on some things you can do with your gently used items. And another idea...IF you are a yard saler...we have always just bagged up our unsold items and called KH to pick up.

Happy Donating!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Boy

Thought I would share a few of my recent favorite pictures of little buddy...

Briggs and Daddy...guess I should mention...Briggs' new favorite thing to say is dadadada...we are working on mamamamama...but it does make my heart melt when I see how much he loves his daddy.

Guess who is sitting up like a big boy!...and here he is playing with his favorite toy...Mr. Duck

Wanted to make sure everybody knows what team we are for :)

Briggs in mommy's favorite hat...with his favorite girl in the world :)

And here is Briggs' new trick. He likes sitting up so much that he doesn't like to sit back in his stroller

or in his bouncy seat...

My baby is growing up. This past weekend he learned to crawl and clap. It's been an exciting weekend and lots more fun things to come.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oooey Goooey Cake

I had this dessert not too long ago..and it was SO YUMMY!...thought I would share it.

-Devil's Food Cake (make it like it says on the box)
-Poke holes on it when it comes below (I used a toothpick)

-Pour a jar of caramel (ice cream topping) over the top of the cake while it's still a little warm
-Put it in the frig to cool everything down
-When it's cool...spread cool whip on top of the cake
-Bang up 3 butterfingers (I used a meat tenderizer) and crumble on top
-Store in the frig covered so the cool whip doesn't dry out

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wedding gift idea

Anybody need a cute idea for a wedding gift? I thought I would get a little creative for the latest wedding shower I here it goes...

I went to Lowe's and bought a long board, then got them to cut it before I left (which is free by the way) into the length I needed. Brought them home, and started painting them.

I bought some stencils at Michael's and...

used a piece of tissue paper to trace out my idea and make sure it would look okay on the painted board...

I did some touch-ups once I got to the finished product on the board...I had sanded the edges of the board with Justin's sander (did I mention I'm really starting to love using power tools), did a blotting technique with some of the paint and glazed the edges of the board.

It was a time consuming process but I really enjoyed tapping into my creative side and coming up with something hand-made for my friend (with a little inspiration from pinterest). I actually don't have a picture of the one I gave away...but this is the picture of the one I made for myself (because I had to have a practice one...and my sister sees the things I'm working on and ALWAYS puts in an order...LOVE YOU ABS!) get the can make it whatever color you want and do a little different design with script format. It was fun and has inspired some other projects I might tackle one day soon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baton Rouge Trip

We have been a little busy lately...hints why my posts have been kinda sparce. We went to Baton Rouge this past weekend and had so much are just a couple pics to narrate our trip...

Because Justin's parents and my sister live in Baton Rouge, it's always challenging to split our time evenly. So before we had Briggs we started this new system....we start off at one of their houses on the first day and spend the night. We leave the next day around lunch to go to the other persons house and spend the night. Then leave to go home the next day. It's worked out well because then we don't spend all our time driving back and forth between houses (which are about an hour apart).

Here are some pics from G-Maw and Pa-Paw's house. This 3-wheeler is one that Justin and Landon rode when they were little...Briggs seems to like it :)

G-Maw and Briggs. They gave him that says "I hunt for hugs"

And here are Abby and I ready to set off on our sister date to New Orleans. We went to the jewelry show for the morning. It was so fun to just get away with my sister and hang out. We don't get to do that often without the babies.

Abby brought Brooks to play with Briggs while we were gone. We are so thankful our families are close and get along good. It was great knowing that the babies could play together at my in-laws house while we were gone on a sister date.

While we were gone, Brooks (left) and Briggs (right) played with G-Maw and Justin. These babies sure are focused...

And now we had moved to Abby and Josh's house. Cade was added to the bunch. Couldn't get Briggs to smile (which is unusual), but he had an unbelievably large poop right after this picture which then lightened his mood...just thought yall might want to know that...hehe :)

We decided to take a walk to the pond in their neighborhood to take a few pics, feed the ducks and let Cade fish with his new fishing pole.

And then Cade caught his first fish with his first fishing pole! That was exciting and Justin got it all on camera...YAY CADE!

Here are the babies getting ready for the photo shoot. Briggs was checking Brooks out with that gatorade bottle...sometimes I wish I knew what was going through that kids head :)

And here is the cutest little picture of Brooks and Cade

Which Abby was having to work for those smiles...jumping around behind Justin...before we knew it...GUESS WHO JUMPED RIGHT OFF THE EDGE OF THE GRASS INTO THE LAKE! was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!! and Justin of course got it all documented on camera.

THEN...we went to eat dinner at Sammy's and had some awesome fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, shrimp poboys and boiled crawfish...YUMMY! Then Brooks dumped a whole cup of water onto Abby's lap! It was awesome..and not her day with water...but at least she just kept on rolling with it and smiling :)

To end the is our little family pic. We weren't exactly dressed up..but just wanted to get a cute pic while we were all together with someone to take the shot.

As you can see...we had such a great trip. Loved getting to spend time with my sister, getting the kids together and seeing Justin's parents. Even though we swapped a stomach bug for a was great memories and lots of pics to show it :)