Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fun at the Pool

This is the summary of our time at the pool.

It was Briggs' official first experience in the water. As you can see in this video...he definitely had a good time...but took a little bit for him to warm up to this point.

We started out like this...he wasn't sure about the water. I kept telling him it was just a big bathtub but he didn't seem to understand or believe me :)

Just was in the 80's outside and the pool was heated.

He is slowly starting to warm up to the idea...

And...not so sure again...

There we he is having fun!

And here is the group shot of the pool gang. Mom is taking the picture because she doesn't like to get in the water.

Thought I would add a little clip of Briggs "swimming". My Dad's theory is that he was just crawling in the water to get his toy...either's one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break - Florida Trip

Here is another recap of part of our trip. Briggs had a great time with Rah-Rah, Papa and Uncle Russ.

This is a picture of the happy little boy. I'm sure you can see by the look on everyone's faces, they are not having a good time at all....NOT :)

This is me and my first baby. Russ is 11 years younger than me and he prides himself in the fact he is much bigger and stronger than his older, little sister (he still thinks he dunked me in the pool b/c he is bigger but I really just let him do it).

Briggs showing off his walking skills with Rah-Rah.

Papa and his little buddy. Anytime my dad came around, Briggs was reaching for him. He loves his papa!

Uncle Russ and Briggs. Uncle Russ is about to leave for work. He is one of the newest employees of FAVORITE place to shop!

Briggs knew if he wanted to eat or play with some fun toys...Rah-Rah was his girl. She kept him busy and entertained the whole time. And of course got lots of kisses.

We took lots of walks while we were there...

And this is Rah-Rah's post during a lot of our visit. We had some AWESOME on the grill, BBQ pork, pimento cheese, spinach dip...I love going home for that mom sure does know how to cook.

That big black thing is my parents pride and joy...besides their children. But you might as well go ahead and say they have four kids instead of three. Anyway, it's name is Bullet and Briggs went from pulling back when Bullet would run this...

Oh my...don't know that I'm anywhere close to having a dog but my dad is convinced every little boy needs one...maybe ONE DAY.

And here we are at the airport. Mom helped me get the bags checked

And dad kept his little buddy. Briggs was just sitting content in Papa's lap.

Overall it was a great trip. Nice to get away. Even though we were only there for two whole days, it was a fun and much-needed break. We did spend some time at the pool and Briggs got to swim for his first time. Pics coming soon...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Traveling Solo

Last week my mom, brother, Briggs (which means me too) were on spring break. My dad took off work, so I guess he was part of the spring break crowd. Justin had to work...BOO!!!!

Anyway since we all had time off we decided to make the best of it and spend some of the time together, BUT that meant Briggs and I would have to fly there by ourselves....YIKES!

So here is the picture of Briggs and myself before we took off on our flight...ALONE...without daddy...I'm gonna be honest...I was pretty nervous.

We usually fly direct from Birmingham to Tampa. But since we got our tickets so late, we had a layover in Charlotte, NC. When we booked the tickets I was thinking, no biggy...

It was a pretty smooth trip...EXCEPT our plane from Birmingham was delayed an hour...our layover in Charlotte was 1.5 do the math...that means we had 30 minutes to get from one plane to the next. I was thinking...ok..I can do this.

Well I forgot to take into account deboarding, wait for stroller (which is under the plane) and THEN...see this picture below...

Oh yes...we were in terminal "E" and we had to go to "B"...that means mommy got to RUN (I'm not joking), down 4 of these puppies. If you look closely, you can't even see to the end of this terminal...that's how long ALL FOUR of them were. I exercise and would say I'm in fairly good shape. I ran, I'm sure over a mile, and of course when I get to our terminal I see the waiting area EMPTY. I was SWEATING, could barely breath, and then I just started crying b/c I'm thinking I'm gonna be sleeping in the airport tonight with a 9.5 month old.

Good news...they had already booked us on the next flight. So we had 1.5 hrs to compose myself, grab something to eat and play a little...see below :)

And here he is happy as always in his stroller. This was after our MUCH WASTED EFFORT marathon run through the airport.

I was pretty prepared for whatever might come my way since I was by myself. So here is a picture of our playtime in the corner of the airport.

I'm sure when I sat down and started unpacking my backpack with the mini play area for my baby, people were saying to themselves...OH BOY...LOOK AT THIS CHICK.

And the much dreaded plane flight...after our crazy day, I fully expected this...

which very quickly changed to this...

and then shortly after changed to this...BIG SIGH (from mommy and I'm sure the entire plane of passengers)

And after a LONG day...we finally arrived at our destination with a crew to welcome us...Rah-rah, Papa, and Uncle Russ.

And then my stress was over b/c I was with my momma who would hardly let me lift a finger :)

Don't know how much of a spring break it was for her b/c she was taking care of ALL her babies (my dad) included (sorry dad...but it's kind of true..hehe). But I think she enjoyed the extra little traveling buddy.

More pics from our actual time together coming soon....I PROMISE MOM!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Workout Buddies

This is my friend Tanya. We work together and don't know if you can see the similarities but most of the residents, family members and even the staff at the nursing home get us confused and either call us each others' names or think we are twins. I mean we are almost the same height, similar hair color...but I don't know that we could be twins?

Anyway, we have been workout buddies for a couple of years now. We used to go to the gym and take classes together. Since neither one of us go there much anymore...we decided to start a little home workout system.

Tanya is going on an anniversary trip with her husband this summer and needed a we decided to do it together. We ordered a video (below) that we did 6 days a week. We just completed our first 6 weeks! (we are currently on a break until the next video we just ordered comes in...but we are both in charge of keeping up some kind of activity during the interim)

Here is our KICK BUTT video. Seriously want a workout and want to sweat off some calories..this is the one you need to get. Click here to order. And good's only 20 minutes. That is a very doable time frame for busy moms and women on the go.

Just to give my friend Tanya a shout out...she has lost 10 pounds in our process! WHOO HOO...GO TANYA! The way we worked it is...we would text each other every day. So whoever finished the workout first would send the text and the other would have to confirm they finished. It was a great system for us and very motivating. Since we are both pretty competitive, we didn't want the other to it helped us stay accountable to our agreement...most of the time :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Orleans - Part 2

Just wanted to summarize the tail end of our trip with a few photos.

Here are the baby cousins...Brooks (left) and Briggs (right) playing in our makeshift play area at the cute :)

And here we are at Cafe du Monde as a family. This place has the best beignets you have every had! So this is our first trip there (it's kind of hard to see Briggs because he fell asleep on our walk there)...

Here is a picture of beignets...if some of you are wondering what exactly that is...basically like a fried donut, just not in the shape of a donut, with powdered sugar on top. And of course, you get coffee to go with it...

For those of you who have never been to New Orleans...thought I would include a few pics of the scenery that my rock star of a husband with a camera..took...

If you locate the tall hotel in the background of this picture...the Sheraton, that's where we stayed while we were there. Right in the middle of all the fun.

You might recognize the scenery of this next picture. Yes...that's us back at Cafe du Monde and yes, that's us eating there for the SECOND time in one day. What can we was yummy and we most probably won't be back in New Orleans anytime in the near future :)

These are our sweet friends...Boyd, Tara and their little girl Sara. We go WAY BACK...I was maid of honor in their wedding and she was a bridesmaid in our wedding. They are precious friends to us and we had such a fun time getting to hang out and catch up.

And finally I wanted to post a picture of our souvenirs from our trip. When we were walking one night in the French Quarter, we found this really cool painting. There are a lot of artists who sell artwork and most of it has to do with New Orleans. Justin and I thought this would be a fun thing to hang up at home.

Then, of course, we had to get an ornament to hang on our Christmas tree for memories of our trip there. The blue glass one is from the aquarium. The other little one has a few New Orleans native things...street sign, crawfish...

Overall it was a great trip. Justin had a successful race, we got to spend time with family and friends and make some great memories.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I wanted to share my rebellious moment from our weekend with all of you. When us girls (Emily, Abby, myself) and the babies came upon the finish line...we were on the wrong side and we had three of us, two strollers and babies. When I say wrong side..I mean we could see a mob of people running but we couldn't make out their faces and we definitely couldn't see the finish line from where we were standing.

So my bad influence dear friend, Emily, had the bright idea to... jump the fence. The funny part...she didn't even give it any thought...hints why we don't have any pictures of her. She was already gone and over both fences when I finally decided I was going to try to get over the first one.

Here I am...trying to figure out how to get myself over this thing...and wait for it, wait for it...

Oh yeah...GREAT BOOTY SHOT I am trying to get myself over the top of it...I promise it was much more graceful in action...she just caught me in an awkward pose :)

And GUESS WHO GETS STOPPED BY THE SECURITY GIRL! I mentioned before...Emily was long gone and over the second gate. So I have Emily on one side of me saying..."COME ON!..." Abby on the other side of me saying "JUST RUN IRIS!..." and I have this chick can't do that...we have these gates up for a reason.

I'm trying to explain to her my husband just ran 13.1 miles and I WON'T be missing him finishing. And right about that time..I just took off running, cleared the other fence (she just turned to my sister, shrugged her shoulders and walked away). I was literally laughing for the next 5 minutes b/c I couldn't believe I just did that.

But because I did it...I got this shot...

That's Justin in the red shirt and black shorts...with his finishing time over his head...OH YEAH!...WHO'S THE WOMAN!?!?!?

And here is the picture of my rebellious self with my rebellious friend and my rambunctious child.

And our family shot after the race...yep..that's Briggs squealing his little head off b/c he is so excited.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Orleans Trip - Part 1

Even though Justin grew up 1 hour from New Orleans, he hasn't spent much time there, so this race was a good opportunity for us to spend a weekend there and make some good memories.

Here is Briggs and Daddy by the Marathon sign when we went to pick up Justin's race packet.

First night there we met up with our good friends the Raney's, who took us to a little hole in the wall restaurant, The Old Coffee Pot. One word...YUM! It was seriously some of the BEST seafood gumbo I have ever put in my mouth...highly recommend it. We had a great time visiting!

Here we are waiting in the bitter cold for Daddy to run by. I promise I had him wrapped up, but you can tell Briggs is thinking...You people are crazy getting up this early in the morning to run..FOR FUN!

And there is Daddy in the red shirt/ black shorts. We were jumping up and down yelling for him...he is looking strong and right here was mile 6....only 7.1 more miles to go :)

Since we were only an hour away...Abby refused to be that close and not come see us. So she loaded up Brooks and headed down to New Orleans.

When we were meeting up, she had to wait for me and my friend to get there. I told her...don't get out of your car and keep you doors locked...Abby's response...oh don't worry, I have my pistol and I'll put a cap in anybody who tries to get us....and trust me folks, she would :)

Here she is kissing on the boys. Briggs thinks Aunt Abs is funny

Group shot...

Below is another group shot and to the right is my dear friend Emily. I love this girl, she is seriously one of the most positive people in my life. Her sweet spirit is contagious and I absolutely LOVE every minute we get to spend together! I honestly would have never made it during the race without her.

We both used to live in Baton Rouge and that's where we became good friends. I was tickled I got to spend the morning hanging out with her (b/c we never get to do that anymore), and she helped me navigate through the ghetto and not get shot....haha, seriously wasn't bad. I never felt unsafe the whole time we were in NO.

And here we are with Daddy. Briggs liked his metal and Justin was just glad to be finished.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Traveling with a baby

We just took a really fun trip to New Orleans for Justin to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) ...more pics to come. Thought I would share a few things that made traveling with a baby a little easier.

I pack all Briggs' food in one bag so we aren't hunting all over the place for we had bottles, liners, disposable bibs, formula, baby food, spoons, and plastic grocery bags for dirty diapers.

When I pulled out the Clorox wipes, Lysol spray and and liquid soap, I could visibly see Justin rolling his eyes...I just told him to turn his head if he didn't want to watch but I was totally gonna pull a Rhonda (my mom).

I WAS NOT putting my clean little baby in that nasty bathtub without cleaning it first. Just for the should have seen what that wash cloth looked like when I got done wiping out the "clean" shower...GROSS!

Then I wiped down a few things like the door knobs, light switches, remote biggy :)

And as you can see pictured here..I had a bottle cleaning station set up. I used the bathroom sink to wash bottles, spoons...and had a drying station set up on the counter.

Then I had a diaper changing station. Justin got us a room with two queen beds which worked out great! I had a towel down so we didn't get poo all over their white bed linens....they can thank me later. I kept diapers and wipes out so we could get to them easily.

And last but not least...I had a play area set up. You think the bathroom was dirty...I don't even want to know what the floor was like. So, I put down a sheet and then our picnic blanket with his toys and he loved it...

Just thought I would add a couple of other pictures...Briggs looking out over New Orleans. We were on floor #27 so it was a great view.

And here is our little man on race day. He was all bundled up and ready to see daddy run. It was very cold that morning but that didn't stop my little man from showing off his pretty little smile.

I will say...our B.O.B. stroller was AMAZING during this trip. We could roll over anything, it has good storage space and made navigating the city so much easier.

It might seem a little excessive...but I feel like if you take a few minutes to set up areas with things you will be needing during the trip, it makes it that much more enjoyable for everybody.