Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Florida Vacation - Part 2

Since there was so much going on during this week in Florida, I decided to make one more post with some more pics that captured our memories.

Briggs and daddy swimming...I think we have us a water bug

Briggs and Poppa in the water

They have a nice bike trail down there.  
My mom arranged for Justin to get a bike and he rode ~14 miles. 
 Briggs wasn't too sure what was on his head.

This is where we fed the boys pretty much all their meals

I had my hands full

Russ and mom at his graduation party

The Hebert family
(minus Dani, she had go back to her mom's house after Disney)

Briggs hanging w Ra-ra and Poppa

The last event of the week was to see Russ graduate.  
It was hotter than...I don't even know what to compare it to...
It was suppose to be the night before but b/c of rain it was moved to the next morning.

Congrats buddy...we are so proud of you!

Here are the original three...
(please disregard all the sweat marks on the was HOT!)

He loves it when we take this shot :)

The whole gang...even Gramme and Pa are in this pic

Gramme and Pa made the trip down from Huntsville to see Russ graduate.  
They are very proud.

Mom and dad wanted to make sure Russ got the credit, 
but they earned a little piece of that diploma too

And then we all jumped in our vehicles and rushed to get home.  We were all planning to go home the morning graduation was rescheduled for...but none of us wanted to miss seeing Russ graduate.  So, we all tweaked our schedules a bit to be there and witness the event...then we all had to rush home.   Justin and I had to run to the car and head strait to the airport to catch our flight.  Abby and Josh headed home to Louisiana and Gramme and Pa to Alabama.  It was a great trip...busy, but lots of fun!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Strawberry Pie

Take a 9in pie crust.  Brown according to directions and cool.
It should look a little something like this..(I did poke it with a fork a little bit).

Cook on stove top until thick:
1 C suar
1C water
3 T corn starch

Remove from heat and add 1 pkg strawberry jello (can be sugar free)

It takes about 10+ minutes if you do it right...don't want to burn it. You will feel like you're just stirring for fun, but I promise it thickens up eventually.

Pour gelatin, and strawberries into pie crust.

I promise I didn't steal this pic from a really was made by me in my own kitchen, but dang that's a pretty yummy lookin pie..if I do say so myself :)

Place in frig to cool and set.  
Serve with cool whip (as pictured) and ENJOY!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boys will be boys

Our time in Florida with my side of the family was lots of fun and many memories made.  I just wanted to give a snapshot of how much fun Briggs had with Ab's kids....

This is a small glimpse of how the week went with all three boys together (notice how sweet Abs kids are sitting for the picture, well besides Cade trying to get away from my floppy child)...

I promise we do let him play with other children...he goes to Mother's Day Out two mornings a week.  He just loves to play and be silly.  This kid keeps us laughing all the time :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Organizing Tip

I think I'm beginning to "nest"...isn't that the term when you pull all your stuff out of every corner, nook, closet and drawer in your house and organize it?  Well I am still in the process of creating an even bigger mess organizing our house...many more posts to come...and wanted to share one quick tip I have used that has been pretty handy.

To start this post off right...let me give credit where it is due.  I used to subscribe to the iheartorganizing blog, but this chick started annoying me b/c she is out-of-control organized.  Annoyed might not be the right word...maybe it's more like jealous.  Either way, I kept feeling like an epic failure every time my inbox had another post from her...anyway, now I just use her as a resource when I get in one of these moods to clean out.  

So I went and purchase a pack of command hooks.  You can pretty much find them in any store these days.  I stuck one on the inside of our kitchen cabinet and...

you have a nifty way to store your bibs.   Don't know about you, but I use these things many times a day and this way, I don't have to take up drawer space to store them.

I also stuck a couple on the wall of our closet and hung a few of my bags on them.  We all know it's no secret that I have a FEW (I'm using that term very loosely) bags.  Anyway...I'm trying to get a good system on how to organize them...this is a start.

So that is a quick tip from the Poland household on a fast, easy and most importantly CHEAP way to organize some frequently used items.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Corn Salad

Two 15 oz cans corn
3/4 C cucumber slices
1/4 C diced onion
2 small tomatoes, chopped

1/4 C sour cream
2 T mayo
1 T white vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp dry mustard
1/4 tsp celery seed

Whisk together ingredients for dressing and combine with veggies. 
Toss until coated evenly.

I was looking for a yummy summer recipe to make with some of the veggies from our garden.  My neighbor sent this one my way and it has been yummy.  You could use it as a side dish or serve with chips.  Either way it's yummy and refreshing.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garden update

Thought I would update on our garden.  I think it's safe to say things have changed just a little bit around here...

Before (a few months ago)...


I will say...if anybody is thinking about starting a garden, it really wasn't hard and hasn't been too much maintenance.  Things have grown well and we still have more veggies to harvest as they ripen.  It has mostly just required daily watering (especially since it's so hot outside) and a little bit of fertilizing.

It's been a fun project that has also produced some yummy things to eat.  I definitely think we will go for a fall garden with lettuce, kale...and continue with our farming next year :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big News

We went to Florida on vacation, family reunion, my little brother's graduation.  It was a fun time.  But...while we were there, I started feeling really bad.  I was actually feeling bad before that but was just trying to push through and get stuff done.

Well while we were there and once we got home (to confirm)...I took these...

Which led to this...

Yes that is a bib with permanent marker saying "big brother"...I had to get creative in a pinch

We eventually got him an official one...

Yes I'm aware he is sitting crooked with a toy and a little blurry...
Briggs isn't really into sitting still these days

And this...

with another visit to see this lady (our FAVORITE DOCTOR) to confirm what we have known for A MONTH!...

There is a "play" button in the middle of the pic b/c I had my phone on video when the girl took the pic.  Oh well...Dr. Swindle was busy so I didn't want to make her take another one.  This will do...just needed to document the visit.  She was super pumped and all the nurses remembered me (I guess b/c we got to go so frequently with Briggs...and it hasn't been too long since we were there last time...hehe).  Love that's like a little family and they are all ready to journey through this pregnancy with us.

It's official...Briggs is going to be a BIG BROTHER and we will have baby #2 here with an official due date of February 4th.  If you're trying to do the math..that would make Briggs and the new baby...20 months apart.  We wanted them close...guess they will be :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Florida Vacation - Part 1

This is a little sister gave me a blank cd copy of all the I have been PATIENTLY waiting for corrected cd.  They are FINALLY this is a recap of our Florida vacation we took in May.

The beginning of the week...Abby and her family met my parents at Disney World...Justin and I passed on that part of the trip and went strait to my parents house.  Sounds like it was the best decision b/c Disney isn't too much fun for a one year old.

Once we were all together, we spent lots of time in the pool

My grandparents (Dad's parents) came down for the festivities.  
Papa has his hands full in this pic

We were able to attend a candlelight prayer service for Russ' graduating class at their church.  Yes you heard me right...Russ graduated high school...tear!

We left the hubbies, Gramme and Pa, at home with the babies since the service at bedtime. 
So we got a pic of the original 5.

We always have to give him a kiss..doesn't he look thrilled :)

A small little hiccup while we were there... a lady didn't stop at the stop sign and Russ turned the corner kinda sharp...only minor damage, but did put a damper on the weekend for Russ
Thank goodness no one was hurt

Ra-ra had lots of toys for the boys to play with...they had fun together

 Me and my little man on his birthday

Briggs made a new friend with my parents dog, Bullet

Cousin Brooks...Abs little boy

We all pitched in to clean up.  Justin steam mopped the tile floor without being asked.  
Just wanted to brag on my man.  I don't know many guys who would take that initiative.

The babies usually ate around the same time.  
So we plopped them up on table and let them go at it

The boys birthdays are one week apart and we were all together on Briggs' actual bday.
So we had them a little cupcake to smash are a few of the shots.

This is how they looked when they were done.  
Brooks wasn't in it to play

Papa and Briggs had fun swimming at Uncle Russ' graduation swim party

There was a splash pad Briggs and daddy had fun exploring

Cade looking all cute in his swim gear

Here are the graduates
I promise Russ is excited he just has a messed up way of showing it

The girls ventured out one day with the babies to visit Ra-ra's friends at the school where she works.
Justin and I had rented a minivan for the week to try it out.  Even though Abs was embarrassed to be seen in it, I can tell she secretly loved it (even though she will probably never admit it)
And I think this pic speaks for itself..the babies thought it was pretty comfy.

 Ra-ra let the boys raid her tupperware cabinet

Here are all the boys in the rocking chair we all used when we were little.  
Thought it was cute to get pics of them in it

I just liked this pic. Briggs looks like he is listening to some deep words of wisdom from Pa. 

Bath time fun.  It was easier to just throw them all in there together and they had fun playing

A few more pics to come.  There were so many cute ones it's hard to pick :)