Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Homemade chalkboards

If you ever need a chalkboard for is a very inexpensive way to make that happen...

Get tiles from your local hardware store.  
I think these were about 80 cents each.

spray paint them with chalkboard paint

and that's it...

We actually used them at a going away party for some friends.
wrote messages and dressed up with silly props.

it was a fun way to add a personal touch to our "photo booth"

but they would be great for a rainy day inside with your kids.  
or you could display them inside your kitchen somehow 
and do a menu board or grocery list.  lots of purposes for very little cost.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Baked Eggs

I've been trying out some new healthier recipes.  I will be sharing some on here, starting with this one...a friend sent this to here for the blog I got it from.  I did a little variation from the original recipe.  These are called baked eggs.

Start with grating sweet potatoes.  I actually peeled mine first but next time I don't think I will.  There are lots of good nutrients in that peeling, so just leave it on and grate away.

With a little olive oil, throw the grated sweet potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, green onions, could really do whatever you have...I even think zucchini and squash would be yummy.  Add some spices if you want...I just stuck with a little salt for flavor.

Cook it down until it looks like this.

Get some ramekins.  I actually borrowed some from my neighbor so I could cook these in bulk.  Spray them first with non-stick spray.  Divide your sweet potato mixture between them all and crack an egg on top.

Cook on 350.  The recipe says 15 minutes and then add crumbled bacon and cook for a few more minutes.  Mine actually took more like 25 minutes so that the egg was cooked all the way.  It's more of a personal preference on how cooked you want your egg. And I didn't add bacon.

These were easy.  A little time consuming with grating the sweet potato but I have recently gotten an awesome food processor that will do that whole step for I'm definitely doing these again sometime soon. 

Since I did so many, I actually froze mine in containers.  I just pull them out the night before and heat them up prior to breakfast.  They were great that way too.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Just go with it

I know I have been a slacker lately with the blog.  I don't have any good excuses except for the fact I'm just focusing on being a mommy. 

It always seems like the loads of laundry, dishes, washing bottles, running errands, along with playing outside, blowing bubbles, reading books and lots of hugs and snuggles never end.  I do enjoy blogging, but I enjoy being a mommy more. 

I've decided, instead of pressuring myself to get one or two posts done a week...I'm just going to get to it when I get to it.  My goal is still one a week.  I have lots of fun and helpful things to share.  I even have a backlog of posts started, just not edited with text.  I'll get around to it.  I've also been finding lots of new and healthy recipes that will be fun to share.  It's gonna happen...stay tuned. 

Until then...this is what we have been up to lately with two.

trips to the zoo...yes with both of them by myself.  brave...I know 

to the park.  i promise briggs is having fun.  
he doesn't quite get the concept of "smile" with a camera yet 

eating mexican

briggs holding on to parker so he doesn't cry
everyone asks how briggs is adjusting to the new baby...
he loves it and is such a good big brother

i had to add this pic of my rockstar of a two year old
 and his abnormally stellar balancing skills

all my friends always crack up at my creativeness (if that's even a word) with two.  
this is how we make it work at home when we play outside...
briggs and I play, while parker gets a pallet made somewhere in the shade to play

and if we are out doing something for awhile, like..buying a car...
we just move in and change diapers, take naps, eat snacks..
i like to think of it as being flexible

or if we just took a road trip, we just make a pallet 
on the table for the baby to stretch out

overall we are having a blast with two.  i love being at home with my boys and try to soak up every second with them, even the not so fun ones because i know one day i will miss them being little.