Thursday, June 20, 2013

Can your ride do this...

We have all been introduced to the new addition to our family. I still get asked pretty frequently, how do you like your mini?  I do like it.

We have taken a trip already.  It is so convenient how we can fit everything we could possibly need or want with us when we travel.  And then it's really helpful to have a diaper changing station in the car...

 I have to share this story.  So...both the boys have fevers and stuffy noses.  We have a doctor's appt.  The bottom drops out in the I'm talking, raining harder than I've seen in a LOOOONG time.  I'm in the world am I gonna get these kids inside without us all getting drenched?

Picture this...I climb to the back seat..get both kids out of their seats, put Parker in the Ergo carrier,...with the very back seats down you can pretty much run around in that bad boy.  So we all get by the back hatch, I use my nifty little keys to raise the hatch from inside, get the umbrella popped up, I jump out in the rain, (Parker is already on me in the carrier), grab the diaper bag on one arm, Briggs on the other, run to the office while I punch the button for the hatch to was pretty awesome.

And then when we are done, it's still pouring so we do the same thing just in reverse order...raise the hatch..we all climb in, close the hatch from inside...I change diapers, get everybody situated in their seats, climb back in the cockpit...and off we go.

All I can say is...that right there is a huge benefit of a mini with little kids.  There is NO WAY I could have gotten all of us out of something else and not get soaked.  I was thinking the whole would I even get Briggs out of his seat, with Parker in my arms, with an umbrella...wouldn't have the backup plan of climbing out the back worked like a charm...and I'm sure was pretty amusing to any onlookers.  Dr. Lytle joked with me when I told him how we got inside that they were secretly videotaping us from inside.  Oh well if they were...they would just get to see this momma in action with her little ones and keeping them dry in the process.

So, yes..I really do like the function of my mini!  It is still a minivan, but for this season of our life, I couldn't imagine driving anything different.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Homemade granola/ breakfast

We have been making some serious changes around our house these days.  We owe a big huge thank you to these two guys.  I never got any pics of them together over the week (Dan - left, Brad - right) ...

These boys are awesome!  Short version...we have a little history with Dan.  Met him about 5 years ago at a local XTERRA race.  We have grown to love Dan and all that he has taught both Justin and I about life, fitness, and just health in general.  Not to mention the fact he is a great friend.  Dan comes to Birmingham (from South Africa) about once a year and we always reunite around race time.  This year we had the pleasure of meeting Brad and getting to spend the whole week with these two guys.  They stayed at our house, which blessed Justin and I more than they will ever know.  As you can see..our little boys enjoyed having the big boys around too.

Because both Dan and Brad are professional athletes, it's their job to be and eat healthy.  So, when two guys like this move in for the week, it not only brings out the insecurities of every aspect of our lives that aren't up to par...the curiosity also emerges on the what, why and how behind all the things they do.

I will say, Dan and Brad were both so gracious with their time and words to Justin and I.  They encouraged us more than they will ever know.  It was so awesome for me personally b/c I'm so interested in health, food and fitness.  I was picking their brains every chance I got.  I was happy to hear the words..."you're on the right track" but I also got some real practical pointers while they were here.  It was also great to cook with them at night and actually get to see how they do what they do.

So one recipe/meal we took away from the boys being here...I wanted to share...

Dan went to Whole Foods and created this AH-MAZING trail mixture that we combined with fruit and greek yogurt for breakfast.  Here is the man in action.  And yes, that was one massive bowl of trail mix.

After they left, I decided to hit up Whole Foods and create my own trail mix.  There is an area that has organic nuts, seeds, grains...where you serve yourself and package up the portions you want.

I ended up with:
  • oats
  • coconut
  • sunflower seeds
  • raisins
  • cashews
  • almonds
  • pumpkin seeds

Then I dumped it all in a bowl and mixed....

Final step...spoon some greek yogurt in a bowl, top with fresh fruit and a couple spoonfuls of trail mix (for a treat we add a little honey) and YUMMMMM... you have a seriously awesome, filling and healthy breakfast.

I'm always looking for something that is filling and yummy.  This is definitely both and very easy to make.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Briggs

 We officially have a two year old at the Poland house.  It is sad and happy all at the same time.  I absolutely LOVE this age.  Briggs is learning so many things right now and can say a new word almost every single day. 

We decided to do something easy this year...WeeFlip.  It was the best decision I've made in a long time.  We literally showed up with our kids and had a party.  They literally did everything.  Since we had a lot of activities going on this weekend with family in town, that was worth every penny to not have to worry about all the details.  Here is a little glimpse into Briggs' party.

 cupcakes and popcorn...

happy birthday buddy

and he didn't get one drop of icing on his white shirt...
i'm still shocked

i had to put this one in here.  
the guys really had a lot of fun..abs just told them to do this...haha

briggs liked all his presents
especially his superhero outfit

parachute time wasn't enjoyed by all

lovin the rollercoaster car

and the ball pit

to end our time there the kids went under the parachute 
and then we sang happy birthday one more time at the end

goody bags for all the kiddos
briggs loves himself a pinwheel

when it was all over we asked briggs if he had fun and he kept shaking his head yes.  
it was a great second birthday and a really fun day for everybody.