Friday, August 23, 2013

Couch cleaning

We tried to be smart and got the microfiber couch a while back, when we were furniture shopping.  The sales guy did a demonstration in the furniture store about how it "won't stain"...poured a coke right on the cushion and we watched the liquid roll off onto the floor.  Well...I guess nine years and two kids later...the microfiber lost it's luster. 

I had to do something to get this thing clean besides the occasional spot scrub, when something spills.  I have googled, pinterest...can't find anything that really works so I decided after this...

it was time to take some drastic measures...take the whole cushion apart.  Who knew they were just zip on covers. 

Briggs is saying..."I didn't do it".  Cutest little, guilty face I've ever seen!

I didn't even spray them with anything...just stuck them in the washing machine on delicate with some of my homemade laundry detergent, hung them up to air dry.  And...there ya have it...

I was seriously impressed with the finished product.  Since I have tried multiple avenues to clean our couch...I guess I figured what would it hurt to try the washing machine.  Glad I went with my gut :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lamp Re-do

I have been wanting new bedside lamps and decided to go a cheaper route than paying $50-70 per lamp.

a closer look at the lamp base

literally all I did was throw a coat of paint on it....and...

there ya go...

I didn't take any step by step pics b/c it was literally just painting the lamps I already have.  No sanding, scraping, sandblasting involved and lots of $$$$$$ saved.  win-win!