Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 4 - Whole 30 Challenge and RESULTS

I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!

This was the last week of Whole 30 and got a little interesting over the weekend because we went out of town and there was just a little bit too much good food so I ....CHEATED.  Yep...I did, but oh well. I tried to keep the cheating to a minimum...

Day 22 (Tuesday):

B'fast: sausage and sautéed kale
Lunch: chicken salad (canned chicken) and grapes
Dinner: Chic-fil-a grilled nuggets

Day 23 (Wednesday):
B'fast: fried egg
Lunch: fruit smoothie and cliff bar
Dinner: chipotle steak salad

Day 24 (Thursday):
B'fast: egg, spinach, turkey bacon
Lunch: chicken salad, smoothie, celery and almond butter
Dinner: Roast with sautéed kale and mushrooms

Day 25 (Friday):
B'fast: bacon, zucchini fritter, banana
Lunch: Zaxby's salad
Dinner: Grilled shrimp and salad
Dessert: Cookie...just wait until you see the pics of these was worth every.single.bite.

Day 26-27 (Saturday and Sunday)

Yeeeeeah... the pics are worth a thousand words. and as I said before...I enjoyed every single bite.

I did my best to pick the best of the options.  A lot of the options this weekend were very healthy, just not on the STRICT diet of Whole 30.  Which is another reason I'm so glad it's over b/c it is SO strict!

And honestly I'm all about a challenge but when you're with other people on a weekend getaway...I'm not gonna make the whole weekend about the food I "can't" eat...we just enjoyed each other and I did my best with a few treats.

Monday-Wednesday (Day 28-30):

I continued with things like what you see above....

I was honestly, very DONE with the whole process.  This has been an incredibly time consuming project of taking pics, meal planning, grocery shopping, blog posting...

I'm not complaining and I'm not had just been a really long 30 days for me.  I have mentioned before...but both the boys were sick pretty much the entire time.  They would alternate, one would get sick and then the other.  Which means they would alternate on who wasn't sleeping at night.  So I was a little sleep deprived on top of a lot of extra work.

Once I got through week two, it did get much easier to meal plan and cook.  I was able to just rotate through things I knew I could eat.  We hardly ever went out to eat b/c it was just too challenging for me to figure out how to stay on the meal plan.  So we made it work and I was really happy with my results.  Now to figure out where to go from here.  I promise to update with the progress.

Finally..the results are:
I lost 7.5 #. 4.5 inches in my waist and 3inces in my hips.  Then I improved my time from the baseline workout by 3:25.

The biggest success from the whole month..I'm back in my pre-baby clothes.  That was honestly my ultimate goal and I made it.  I still have some fine-tuning to make, but I know I can do it and feel great!