Monday, February 24, 2014

Parker's Bday part 1

We had a few different celebrations for Parker's first birthday.  The first one was with my parents because they were in town and we weren't sure they would get to come for his actual party.  We decided to get real redneck and have a party in Burger King.  I'm actually cringing as I actually type this.  Just wait for the pics..

yeah buddy...smear it in there good! 

this is right about the time the staff started to notice 
what we were actually doing with our big huge camera 
and three other iphones for backup

That was practice run #1!  I would say he passed with flying colors. 

Then it was time for his actual birthday.  Justin was working out of town, so we had to get creative.  Just for the record, this was the day of the Alabama blizzard.  I got both my kids out in the beginning of it b/c we HAD to get a cupcake for my baby's bday!  Two words...PRIORITIES PEOPLE. We might have driven home at 40mph on the interstate and slid into our driveway, but we got our cupcake dang it!

There is daddy on the ipad so he could see all the action.  
Thank goodness for technology!

Practice run #2 was a success again.  
If I didn't know better...I would say Parker is loving all this practice!

And I can't leave out my other baby.  He isn't complaining about getting to chow down on extra cupcakes either.  (Sidenote: that red streak on his from the marker he got in a fight with earlier).

Don't worry..there is more birthday fun to come!