Sunday, June 29, 2014

Iron-on Onesie Station

Thought I would break it down how the onesies happened.  
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the iron-on onesie idea
was inspired from here, after LOTS of searching.  
The goal was to find something the guests could "create" 
that would be meaningful
 and that we could send to Celeste for Nora Mae
There was an area with these super cute iron-on appliques
They came all ready to go, along with instructions on how to apply them.
and did I mention how CUTE they were! area with onesies.  All different sizes and a combo of
short and long sleeves.  
The picture is blurry so I didn't include it.

complete with instructions 

...and name tags
the tags are from Office Depot and the stamp from Hobby Lobby

Other items needed are:
pen (for the nametags)
we put a towel down over the table so the iron wouldn't burn it
any extra accessories you would like to add..buttons, ribbon, etc.

And then just have fun and get creative...

 When people were done, we hung them on this fabric banner

To make the banner, cut slits in some fabric scraps,
tear it, and tie it on some rope
I strung it across my kitchen to fill in the gaps 
and make sure the colors were spaced out right

All that was left to do was stitch around the appliques.  It's not required but recommended for them to last longer.  There are two very special and talented ladies who got assigned this task.  This whole thing would be a complete flop without them!

Final product...and they were so cute I couldn't pick just one here ya go.

The whole project turned out to be a success.  Nora Mae is definitely going to be stylin and Celeste knows they were all made with lots of love from the people here who love her!

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