Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I guess it's time to spill the beans about what has been going on at our house.  I have had a good pregnancy up until now.  I mean a few aches and pains but nothing too uncomfortable and from what everybody says, the second one is harder on your body.  Briggs and I have continued to stay active, walking our regular 2-5 miles a day.  We play hard, eat good and sleep well at our house...up until about a month ago.

 Short version...Briggs had gotten a cold, diaper rash that turned into yeast, vomiting and diarrhea, poor appetite, not sleeping good including waking up 3-8 times a night that lasted a little over a month...oh and even a trip to the ER in an ambulance. 

Needless to say times were tough around here.  My doc feels like all this excitement might have had something to do with this next part.

A few weeks ago I was having some pretty good contractions (at 27 weeks) and called the doctor.  They wanted me to come in...I wasn't dilated but contractions were between 3-5 min.  Apparently they don't like you to have contractions that close together that early in the ballgame...why in the world not ?!?!?!  They gave me a shot to stop them, which worked...thank goodness it wasn't a repeat of what happened with Briggs...yet :)

Sorry no pics of that little adventure b/c I was by myself most of the time and was a little freaked out with it being so early and all.  Taking pics to document wasn't top on the priority list :)

I was sent home with orders to rest, hydrate and oral meds to stop contractions when they happen. I've been going back weekly to keep a close eye on things.  I do have contractions pretty much daily, but the oral meds along with hydrating and resting (as much as you can with an 18 mo old) has helped.  I'm now 32 weeks with no dilation, but unfortunately today, I have progressed to 50% thinned.  As Doctor Swindle said today...this isn't ideal..but for now she is ok with where things are and we will just take a week at a time.  If I dilate it's automatic bedrest.  Until then, we will watch things closely.  I did get a steroid shot today to help Parker's lungs IF he comes early and Justin will give me another one tomorrow from home.

I also have been taking progesterone shots every week since I was 16 weeks.  This has been quite the stresser for me since I'm not a needle person and they hurt like the dickens.  I'm bruised all over both sides of my back where they give them and I have permanent puncture holes from the shot.  It's a HUGE needle.  But I only have FOUR more to go and I guess the saying "you do anything for your kids" is true.  Thought I would include some pics of my special shot nurses who see me weekly...

 and a few have been given by my special nurse here at home...

Needless to say...during all this precious MIL came up for a whole week to rescue us.  She spent some fun time with Briggs, cleaned my entire house, cooked some food and got it in the freezer.  I think I was at the end of my rope with all the sickness and then the contractions....
When I called to update her on what was going on, crying...I think she felt sorry for me :)

We appreciated G-maw so much and were so thankful she came and helped me get things whipped back into shape around here.  

So at this point we have made a few changes to help get us 5 more weeks. We added Briggs one extra day at MDO.  He only goes 9-2 but that's still good rest time for me.  I've been officially promoted to full-time stay at home mommy.  I basically was before this anyway.  I just filled in at my old work when they are busy, on Briggs' MDO days, which isn't often.  We got a lady to come clean the house every other week...insert hallelujah choruses here.

Anyway, goal is to make it to 37 weeks with no hospitalization, dilation, bedrest or baby.  I'm just having to slow way down, listen to my body and rest (which seems to only be slowing down the progression, not stopping it completely).  It's been emotional and stressful with all this going on for many different reasons.   I am trying to keep perspective.  Maybe this is the Lord's way of slowing me down to prepare my heart and body for this new precious blessing that is soon to come.  Either way, we have many things to be thankful for and trying to hold on to that for encouragement. Prayers appreciated  :)

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