Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Briggs

I'm a few days late, but...

My baby is THREE! I'm a little bit sad AND happy he is growing and thriving into such a sweet little boy.  For example, this morning when I was heading out the door for the gym, our conversation..
Me: I love you buddy, so much
Briggs: I wuv you too much too mom
....heart melt.....

We kept things fun and simple this year.

Briggs woke up to streamers in his doorway.

balloons in his floor


for both our boys

zoo trip

and just some general hangout time at home doing what he loves to do...
 be Daddy's little shadow 

Briggs got his own lawn mower, "weeder" (as he calls it) and blower to help daddy in the yard.  
Hoping he is this enthusiastic when he really is big enough to mow the yard one day.

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