Friday, January 4, 2013

Pregnancy update @ 35 weeks!

Sorry for the silence.  I have had so many sweet friends inquiring on how things are.  Means more than yall does.  I figured it might be easiest to update everyone and get us all on the same page.  Since my last update, it has been eventful around here. 

FOUR seems to be our magic number around here.  We are at 4 weeks on bedrest...BOO! We have had FOUR fun-filled trips to the hospital so far.  Thought I would provide all of you with a pic to represent our time there.  Yes this is me in the triage room @ 35 weeks...fat face and all.

To answer a few of the most frequently asked questions...

Are you still having contractions?
YES..I have contractions every single day, throughout the day.  I'm always going to have contractions until Parker gets here, the goal is keeping them to a minimum.  They flare up more when I'm up (i.e. sitting at the table to eat a meal for too long or standing for too long)

Why do you have to keep going to the hospital?
Because my contractions get to the point where they won't stop at home and cause me to dilate more.  If I dilate too much, then water breaks or doesn't break but I'm at 2 cm now and you get to go so far and're having a baby...not in the plan yet

Where are you now?
I'm at home.  We made it through Christmas.  We have made some trips back to the hospital and thankfully haven't been admitted where I have to live there until Parker comes.  I know I said that would be the case in my last we are in a very different window.  When we do go to L&D, they are able to just give me shots and get me settled down, no need for me to stay when contractions are under control and I'm not progressing.  My water hasn't broken (would have put us in a different place if that happened).  And...we are now at 35 weeks which means Parker is much bigger and stronger (but would be in even better shape if we can make it a little longer).

How far along are you?
35 weeks.  
I have been thinking all along my day to start a new week is Sunday..not true.  I learned this past Sunday when we made a fun trip to L&D, I change on Mondays...good to know

How much does the baby weigh?
Don't know...we haven't had an ultrasound in a LOOONG time, so have no idea, but I'm not concerned about that.  My theory is, those things aren't really accurate on weight anyway.

If you have the baby now, will he be ok?
We are in a really good window.  Swindle likes for babies to be full-term (37 weeks) and I'm on board with that.  But regardless...we are in a really good place if he came now.  Lots of people have success stories of their babies coming 35-37 weeks.  I mean he would be fine, just might not come home with us and would most likely not weigh very much.  As Swindle always says...babies who are small and born early don't weigh much, don't eat as well, don't sleep as well and don't hold their temp as the longer he can cook the better.

Have  you had steroid shots for his lungs?
Yes, got them at 32 weeks

How are YOU doing?
Hanging in there.  It's been good to have Briggs because he is such a sweet boy and a great reminder of why I'm doing this.  It is a little harder to be on bedrest with a little one b/c he gets into EVERYTHING I'm working on, I feel like the tv is on ALL THE TIME b/c we are here ALL THE TIME, and because we have had so many visits to L&D, it gets to be a little discouraging. I'm not gonna lie, the past week has been the hardest so far b/c we took two trips to L&D in one week and this is just getting old.  I know there are many people who have it worse, but this is my reality at the moment and it's hard, but we are in the home stretch.  I'm trying to stay positive and following all the advice all you sweet people keep sending my way...
Take it easy
Keep your feet up
Don't overdo it

Are you going to have any more kids?
To answer this one I still have to take a deep breath.  I honestly don't usually mind answering questions, but this one kind of hurts when people ask it, especially when we are having so much trouble right now.  At the moment, our primary focus is Parker and getting him here safely.  But to address this question...let me just put it this way...we had initially wanted to have 3-4 kids.  Never dreamed we would have this much trouble again with a pregnancy.  I have talked to Swindle many times about this.  She does feel like my body is sensitive and even more sensitive b/c the gap between Briggs and Parker is such a short timeframe.  She said your body remembers what do when pregnancies are that close together so can make it more sensitive to preterm labor, especially in my case.  Her goal is to get me to 37 and regardless of the trouble I might have, the important thing is that we make it full-term.  She said she has definitely seen people who have similar scenarios as mine to wait a few years between kids and make it to 38-39 weeks with minimal issues.  With that said, we are really just focused on getting Parker here safely and overall are so grateful we can even have children biologically who are healthy.  To have another child would be a decision that is not taken lightly and wouldn't be any time soon, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it...unless the Lord has other plans, because those things happen too :) 

Do you need anything?
For now, my mom is back and is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!  We definitely wouldn't be able to make it without her.  She has been taking care of EVERYTHING and has a lot on her plate with Briggs, the house, cleaning, cooking, laundry, oh and taking care of yours truly :)  I try to be a sweet, compliant and non-needy patient, but it's still a lot to take on.  Oh and did I mention she is here until we have Parker, so she has left her life (my dad, brother, and Bullet - the dog) behind with a freezer full of food and has moved over here to take care of us!  With all that said...we should be doing good with childcare starting next week b/c Briggs goes back to MDO two mornings.  They have been out for the holidays over the last two weeks and we kept him home an additional week b/c the flu was going around really bad.  If everything goes as planned next week, he will go back to MDO which will give my mom a chance run errands, catch up on laundry and cleaning...

  I have a sweet friend who did set up a meal website for us. When people ask me what we need, I usually mention that b/c it takes something off my mom and is probably the best way to help at the moment.  It's also set up a little further out for after Parker is here and mom goes home. 
Here is the website:

Current Update:
I just saw Swindle today.  I'm currently 2cm and 50% thinned. (for those of you keeping up, that is one more cm than I was last week)  I only have ONE MORE SHOT!!!! which will be next week.  That will be a total of 20!  THANK GOODNESS! I'm really glad we did those b/c at least we have done all we can to prevent preterm labor, but dang those things hurt.  I'm all bruised on my back and am convinced I will have permanent needle puncture marks.  I will stay on my procardia (oral meds to keep contractions to a minimum) until 37 weeks (Jan 14).  For now..if contractions get amped up again, plan still go in and get a shot (different kind than what I take each week) to stop them. If shots don't work, Parker will just make his debut.  They won't do anything extreme, but holding him off until at least 37 is the plan.  At 37 he can come when he wants.  Will be interesting to see what happens when I come off oral meds.  With Briggs it was hours of me stopping my oral meds and my water broke, so will see what this little guy does.

Thank you...
To all of my sweet friends.  We have been showered with prayers, encouraging words, meals, cards in the mail, texts, emails, facebook msgs, fun surprises like gift cards for treats and to local restaurants, goody bags with things to keep me busy on bedrest, magazines...the list could go on and on.  This is a time that has challenging but much more doable with the support system we are surrounded by.  Many of you, we can't thank enough for dropping everything to be there for us when we call.  I only hope and pray we can return your kindness in the future.  Our hearts are full and overflowing!

Now...all we gotta do is HAVE A big deal..EEK! :)

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